Sustainable air bed

This air bed is free from pollutants and plasticizers. It is characterized by long durability, ergonomics, easy handling and dispenses with the usual construction weaknesses. It is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Air bed completely
Air bed 3 views



thick, high-quality, permanently elastic material (no PVC, no plasticizers)


smooth, easy-to-clean surface, can be wiped off with a damp cloth


four separate air chambers + a separate pillow


This air bed combines the properties that are missing in most air beds: It consists of the high-quality material TPU, which, unlike PVC without plasticizers, remains permanently elastic and has a long service life. As a result, it remains smooth, stable, does not become sticky and has little odor.


The surface is skin-friendly, very easy to clean and dries quickly. No dust or dirt sticks. Even house dust mites cannot establish themselves as a result. The air bed is therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

The four long air chambers of the lying surface and the pillow can be inflated individually. This achieves a high degree of dimensional stability. The air cannot escape from one chamber into the other. The air bed doesn't sag like a hammock. The air distribution can be adjusted individually. Optimal comfort is achieved when the two outer chambers are inflated hard and the two inner chambers are inflated softly.


Valve open, closed

The check valves with an opening of 18 mm allow rapid inflation within 5 minutes without the air escaping by itself.

To let the air out again, the valves can be pulled out of their respective openings. The air escapes completely within a few seconds. So the air bed can be folded up compactly.

The large valve openings allow a quick exchange of air and thus prevent condensation and mold formation when the air bed is stowed away.


length197 cm
width64 cm
height16 cm
Pillow thickness26 cm
Weight2.15 kg
capacity180 kg
Air bed dimensions


low odor

Material: thermoplastic polyurethane without solvents or plasticizers

Foil thickness 0.35mm


very thick film (0.35 mm) made of TPU (ester variant) instead of PVC

inflated quickly

inflated quickly

A valve diameter of 18 mm allows inflation in <5 minutes.


complete emptying through optimized design and valves


no coatings, interior walls, or composite material

environmentally friendly

no phthalates, chlorine compounds, pollutants, dyes or composites


electronic flex part air pump in the valve of the air bed
battery pack4800mAh
charging portUSB-C

Adhesive for soft PVC can be used to repair small holes and tears in the TPU film. A good example is UHU soft PVC special adhesive.

UHU soft PVC adhesive is used to glue an air mattress.

What is the catch?

Yes, there are also disadvantages!

  1. Weight: approx. 2 kg because of the 5 large valves and the thick film are not exactly ultra light
  2. Colour: milky transparent, light yellow tone; can continue to yellow after longer exposure to UV rays due to the lack of colour, bleach and stabilizer additives
  3. Hydrolysis: The durable and abrasion-resistant polyester TPU can be damaged if it comes into contact with water and certain enzymes (catalysts), which is why cleaning and drying are absolutely necessary.

What is planned for the future?

transparent air bed with Pionplex logo

The durable air bed from Pionplex is being further developed. The following variants and improvements are planned:

  1. Membrane valves on the front sides: lower weight, the valves do not come into contact with the ground
  2. Color: clear transparent
  3. Hydrolysis resistance: Polyether TPU is long-term enzyme resistant
  4. UV resistance: aliphatic instead of aromatic polyether TPU does not yellow even after prolonged UV exposure
  5. Seamlessness: The foil is folded in such a way that there are weld seams only between the air chambers, not on the front sides.
  6. Width: for two people
  7. Height: higher and less arched by partition walls
  8. Breathability: Coil beam design with multiple tunnels from top to bottom wicks moisture to the ground.

Thats what our customers say

Based on 2 reviews
Stefan E.
Stefan E.
Comfort air bed/air mattress with 5 air chambers incl. pillow, material: TPU: I've only known TPU for a short time.... ... but that, in addition to the great workmanship, this mattress also protects the environment, was the decisive factor. From my point of view, innovative and also absolutely OK in terms of price, if you consider that sleeping mats in good quality can quickly cost 80 EUR.
Comfort air bed/air mattress with 5 air chambers incl. pillow, Material: TPU: Versatile, reliable, suitable for outdoor use Admittedly: the mattress weighs 2 kg. Why will I still use them on outdoor trips? It can be folded compactly and can be used in a variety of ways: As a bed, as a pad and even in many versions as a seat, in the water as an air mattress (even if not officially intended for this!) And, if necessary, as a "boat". I have always used light air mattresses up to now that weigh around 500gr. But for this I always needed a stable, stab-resistant pad for protection, which weighs another 500g. Then often an “emergency sleeping mat” in case the air mat is defective. So again at least 500 gr or more. So with my previous system I sometimes came to almost 2 kg. But with fewer options. In addition, it was always very difficult to spot a hole in a light air mattress, especially if it was very small. This mat does not even need a base if it is not standing on a bed of nails ... This mat has individual chambers. In the event of a possible defect, the entire mat is not immediately flat and the damage can be localized more easily. However, TPU is far more resistant than the material used for light air mattresses and damage is less likely to occur here. In addition, nothing squeaks, nothing smells and the mat is very non-slip. With the multiple valves you can create a very comfortable lying firmness as desired. I will continue to test the mat extensively and post updates here. Let's see if she carries me (even if not intended) with my rucksack across a river !? I will report ... 1. Addendum: With an Evazote sleeping mat coated in silver on one side, on the top instead of underneath (held in position with 2 elastic bands), you slept wonderfully, warmly and comfortably outdoors even in the cold! (Because the sleeping mat noticeably smoothed the undulating surface again!) Update 2: It's now hot and I currently use this mat often and with pleasure with a simple, open bicycle camping trailer. The adjustable air filling makes the mat super comfortable! Update 3: Yes, it carries me across the river! Luggage strapped onto the front behind the pillow and behind with the upper body on the tightly inflated air mattress and the legs in the water, it is great to drive and steer with your legs! Crossing the river with dry luggage (but also without significant currents and wind!) Successfully passed! You can also paddle around with your hands while sitting on it in summer. (You sit a bit in the water - but comfortable in the heat!) Great, very versatile product!